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As I Lay Dying, Tim Lambesis -

It was 2002 when I invited As I Laying Dying’s mastermind Tim Lambesis to a discussion. The internet was pretty dark during those days and this doesn’t have anything to do with what we know today about the dark net. It was just that in some countries, like Romania in our case, people were not experiencing the online dimension that much and there was a constant struggle to learn about the things you were interested in. As you will see in the following lines, one would ask the musician himself general stuff about his bands’ releases and other activities. The information was always so far away, so the excitement of having some news from the musicians themselves was indescribable. Around that time, the atmosphere in As I Laying Dying was pretty tempered. They were focusing on booking concerts and being as active as possible. Lambesis was kind enough then to tell me a couple of things about their live experiences or other important events in their discography and to bring some insights regarding the faraway hardcore scene in the United States.

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