Halcyon Days, Steffen Johansen -

After the Norwegian four-piece Halcyon Days delivered one of the most addictive series of tunes in terms of melodic hardcore and the likes, with the release of their sophomore "Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass", one might wonder their musical tastes and inspiration. We did that and bass player Steffen Johansen was kind enough to share a couple of his favourite records with us. As expected, some of the loudest genre-defying heroes such as Norma Jean, Converge or Gojira are among the preferences, so check the lines below to see why.

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Davide Tiso, Howling Sycamore -

Some enjoy listening to music, others love to create it, and there are those who go into both. Generally speaking, all of them tend to find huge interest in learning the musicians’ perspective on musical works made by others. Therefore, let’s take a look at few favourite albums of a pretty gifted guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Davide Tiso, who is renowned for his avant-garde creation along names such as Ephel Duath, Karin Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches, Aborym (the latest album) and his newest project, the mind-bending Howling Sycamore.

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