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Dan Capp / Winterfylleth

Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess

Several of my biggest passions converge with Atlantean Kodex: mythology, philosophy and anthemic heavy metal. They just released a new album but for now, “The White Goddess” is my favourite thing they’ve done. This is as grand and sincere as it gets.

Bathory - Blood On Ice

An unusual choice for ‘favourite Bathory album’ I know, but it is mine. The narrative and flow of this concept album is a key inspiration for my new album “Fire In The White Stone”. Both mine and Quorthon’s stories are heavily influenced by archetypal northern European mythology. Musically this album is a journey – one that I go on regularly.

Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

Everyone has their opinion of the man behind Burzum, but this album always struck me as one of the most non-political pieces of art ever made. It is spiritual more than anything else. From the sheer, overwhelming dread of the first chord to the utter, hypnotic bliss of its closing song, it’s clear why this album is so influential.

Danzig - III: How The Gods Kill

One of my earliest musical infatuations, before black metal, was The Misfits. I love most everything Glenn Danzig has done and it’s hard to pick a favourite album, but on ” III: How The Gods Kill” I think he strikes a great balance between energetic, dramatic and dark romantic moods.

Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun

Probably the most atmospheric album I’ve ever heard, and that’s why I sought out its co-producer John A. Rivers to produce the new Wolcensmen album. I still remember when I first heard it – the separation of the sounds, creating what feels like a 3D environment you can stop into. Another world, full of angelic voices and textures.

Dissection - Storm Of The Light’s Bane

I still kick myself for dismissing this as ‘too melodic’ when I first heard it. Fact is – it’s about as perfect as black/death metal gets. A masterclass in creating drama with build-ups, key-changes and tempo-changes. It possesses the listener from the first to the last note.

Nest - Woodsmoke

For anyone who doesn’t live nearby, there’s no quicker way of getting to wild, unspoiled woodland than putting this album on. The Finnish kantele (with its harp-like sound) blended with ambient synth pads and sound-effects takes you straight there. This is deeply evocative and it was an honour to have A.T. contribute kantele to “Fire In The White Stone”.

Solstice - New Dark Age

This was my introduction to Epic Doom and it perfectly encapsulates that Gothic, pagan, very English atmosphere – bringing to mind dark misty moors as well as heroic ideals. It has a very folky nature to it, in a way that other British Doom bands don’t, and has definitely served as an influence on my music.

Type O Negative - October Rust

I dismissed Type O when they were around. It was way too accessible and ‘mainstream’ for me. With a bit of maturity I later came to realise just how unique and brilliant they were, and what a fascinating guy Peter was. The moment it hits Autumn, or even if it’s just a rainy day, I feel the urge to put this on.

Vangelis - Blade Runner

One of the reasons this is my favourite film of all-time is its Vangelis score. It’s so perfectly-designed and iconic. You can near-enough watch the film in your mind just by putting the album on. I love using synth pads in Wolcensmen and that’s partly because of Vangelis.

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