Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets CD DIGIPACK

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Artist: Night In Gales
: The Last Sunsets
: Apostasy Records
Release date: February 23rd, 2018

01. The Last Sunsets
02. Dark Millennium
03. The Mortal Soul
04. The Passing
05. Architects Of Tyranny
06. The Abyss
07. The Spears Within
08. Circle Of Degeneration
09. Kingdom Of The Lost
10. Cessation
11. In Pain, In Silence
12. Dust And Form

Mix & mastering at Unisound AB Studios by Dan Swanö []
Cover artwork, booklet illustrations and layout by Costin-Alexandru Chioreanu for Twilight13Media []
Logo re-design by Andreas Schüssler

Vocals on "In Pain, In Silence" by Florian Cotan-Grigorean
Additional vocals on "The Last Sunsets", "Dark Millennium" and "Kingdom Of The Lost" by Tobias Bruchmann
Additional vocals on "The Mortal Soul" by Marc Grewe (Morgoth)
Additional vocals on "The Last Sunsets" and "Kingdom Of The Lost" by Christian Mertens (Dark Millennium)
Additional vocals on "Dust And Form" by Martin Matzak (Torchure)
Additional vocals on "The Abyss" and "Architects Of Tyranny" by Anselm Joel Brümmer
Guitar solo on "Architects Of Tyranny" by Aaron Covarrubias (Against The Plagues)
Piano on "Cessation" by Katrin M. Meier
Intro for "The Last Sunsets" arranged by Dan Swanö